Elopement vs Wedding – What To choose?

Groom twirling his Bride on their elopement day with a beautiful mountain view behind them. Elopement vs Wedding, what will you choose?

Confused between an elopement vs wedding? What is your ideal wedding day – A big, elaborate, traditional party with lots of family and friends? Or just the two of you having an intimate and adventurous celebration? There is no right answer. After all, everyone has different criteria they value. It truly boils down to what matters most to you and your partner. Here are some things that set elopements apart from traditional weddings.

  • Exclusive and Intimate – Elopements are private experiences meant for just the two of you. They are authentic celebrations that keep in mind what you as a couple enjoy doing and find meaningful. So if you want a wedding authentic to you without the pressure and anxiety of a traditional celebration, an elopement is for you! An elopement grants you the freedom to decide how you want to commit your lives to each other. Additionally, it allows you to freely melt into each other and celebrate your love in an intimate and uninhibited way.
  • Personalized Experiences and Adventures – If you value experiences over material goods, chances are you’d prefer having an elopement. So why not start off your marriage by going on an adventure? Be it kayaking, hiking, or taking a helicopter tour.
  • Less Stress and Drama – Planning a traditional wedding involves a vast number of stressors, e.g. sending invites, deciding on food and worrying about what invitees will think of your big day. Does planning, coordinating, and balancing a wedding sound like a nightmare? Choose to plan a perfect day around what makes the two of you really happy instead. Eloping allows you to make your day completely about you and not about other people’s expectations.
  • Unique Celebration – Elopements are not only different from traditional weddings but also from each other. If you’re sick of the same old traditional weddings with people around that you barely talk to and are hoping for something unique, choose to elope. Break the cycle! You don’t have to do what everyone else in your family has done. If you would still like to include some traditions, you can always incorporate them in your elopement. Be it by reading your vows to each other as the sun rises over the mountains or popping a champagne bottle together while stargazing. While planning your perfect elopement, the possibilities are endless! 
  • Less Wasteful – Have you ever thought about how much trash gets created at a wedding? Most of which is single-use plastic? Big weddings tend to produce a ton of waste! In North America, people spend an average of $28,000 on weddings for a six-to-seven hour event. This celebration produces an average of 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. If your guest list is over 100, your carbon footprint could be much, much higher. In most cases, the waste generated won’t be biodegradable. This means that the single-use cutlery, plastic glasses and decorations will still be here when your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren are thinking about their wedding decor. It’s hard to ignore the blunt truth of it all—big weddings are simply full of stuff and wasteful! So if you are an Eco-conscious, intentional couple that doesn’t want to produce waste or deal with all that trash, if you enjoy going on adventures rather than shopping together; go ahead and elope!

If you believe an elopement is the wedding experience that suit your needs and vision as a couple – I would love to help!

Planning your adventure elopement and documenting it is extremely important. Yet, getting started with the planning process can be confusing. This is where I come in. I will help you plan an elopement that is authentic and full of intimate experiences that are all you – in North America or even in another country.

Just reach out and let me know, what is your perfect adventure?

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