Hello, I’m Saumya

I’m a passionate elopement and intimate wedding photographer. I love capturing genuine emotions and the beauty of your special day.

I’m fortunate to call two vibrant and diverse cities—Chicago and Toronto—home. Chicago’s cultural diversity and stunning architecture provide a beautiful backdrop for love stories. Toronto, on the other hand, offers a rich cultural mosaic and breathtaking natural beauty! This makes each wedding there a unique and inspiring experience.

Photography, however, has taken me across the globe, allowing me to explore new destinations and meet incredible couples. So whether you’re dreaming of a cozy mountain elopement or an intimate backyard celebration, reach out! I’m here to make every moment count and craft memories that will endure a lifetime.

My Signature Style


Incorporating warmth into my photography is at the heart of my personal style. It’s all about capturing the genuine connections and emotions that make a wedding day so special. I strive to create an environment where couples and their loved ones feel comfortable. This way their authentic personalities can shine through. This warmth translates into the hues and tones in my photographs, evoking a sense of familiarity and joy when you look back on your special day. A warm image is one that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also radiates the love and happiness shared on that beautiful day.

Vibrant Imagery

Color is a powerful tool in storytelling, and in my photography, it’s about infusing vibrancy and life into every frame. I’m drawn to bright, bold hues that reflect the liveliness and excitement of weddings. Each color holds its own significance and emotion, and I carefully utilize this palette to enhance the narrative of your love story. For me, a colorful photograph isn’t just about the spectrum of hues; it’s about capturing the vivid memories and moments that will forever be etched in your hearts. Colorful imagery brings energy and dynamism, creating a visual feast that mirrors the vibrant celebration of love during your wedding day.

Personalized Approach

I approach each wedding with a personalized touch, taking the time to understand your vision and getting to know you. My goal is to ensure you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera, so you can relax and savor the moment while I capture it and assist you with planning the day in the best way possible.

More Facts About Me

Outside of photography, my passions come to life in various forms. I find peace and expression through painting, enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, and stay active with sports like tennis, swimming, basketball, and cycling. Being a devoted environmentalist and a vegan, I’m dedicated to conservation efforts. At home, I share my space with two delightful cats who bring joy and playfulness into my life. These diverse interests influence my photography, allowing me to approach each shoot with a unique and well-rounded perspective.

Childhood Photo of me with my family to depict what inspired me to become an elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer

My Photography Journey

My journey into the world of photography began in my early years, fueled by the fascination I developed as a child watching my dad document our family holidays with both film and digital cameras. This early exposure ignited a passion for photography that only grew stronger over time. During my postgraduate studies, I was the photographer for my college’s PR and Media wing. It was in this role that I honed my skills, learning the art of capturing moments that tell stories.

P.S. I am the youngest kid in this picture 🙂

What Makes Me Happy?

In my world, happiness finds its roots in simple joys—whether it’s savoring a homemade meal after a creative painting session, or the warmth of spending time with my husband and my two fur babies. Exploring the world, be it through travel or trying out a new trail on my bike, brings an exhilarating sense of wonder and contentment. These personal snippets not only provide insight into my life but also offer a glimpse into the passion and dedication I bring to my photography, aiming to craft authentic and meaningful experiences for every client I have the pleasure to work with.