Engagement Shoot at Garfield Park Conservatory

A lovely queer couple on their engagement shoot at Garfield Park Conservatory

I recently had the pleasure of capturing this super cool engagement shoot of S and P at the Garfield Park Conservatory. These two are not just any couple; they’re a pair of fun-loving, adventure-seeking, dog-adoring women who are all about making every moment together count.

So, S and P are this adorable couple who met at a party through a friend. Not only have they done the long-distance thing but also faced challenges head-on and come out stronger and more in love. They’re all about those big, deep conversations and moving forward together, which is seriously couple goals.

When it came to picking a spot for their engagement photos, they chose the Garfield Park Conservatory because it’s a stunning, giant green oasis in the middle of Chicago. They wanted photos that would make them go “Wow, we look amazing!” decades from now. Being an interracial couple (S is a first-gen Mexican American, and P is of German descent), it was essential to them that their photos reflect their diverse backgrounds in a meaningful way. They wanted their love and individual stories to shine through, all set against the lush backdrop of the conservatory.

What’s cool about S and P is how they describe themselves as “extroverted introverts.” They love being social and out there, but then they need their quiet time at home with their pups to recharge. It’s all about balance, right?

Their engagement session was a mix of fun, laughter, and those deep, soulful moments. And it’s clear they really get each other. S is all about words of affirmation and physical touch, while P is like, “Bring on all the love languages!”

The shoot was a blast. We wandered through the conservatory, finding those perfect spots that felt like they were made just for them. Every photo captured a piece of their story, from their laughter to the way they look at each other.

In the end, S and P’s engagement shoot was more than just a set of photos. It was a celebration of their journey together, filled with love, art, and those quiet moments that mean everything. And honestly, it was a reminder of how awesome it is to capture love in all its forms. Here’s to S and P and their incredible adventure ahead! I can’t wait to capture their colorful Fall wedding in October ๐Ÿ˜€

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