A Fairy-Tale Elopement Amidst the Ice Castles: Mary and Justin’s Enchanted Styled Shoot

A Fairy-Tale Elopement Amidst the Ice Castles: Mary and Justin's Enchanted Styled Shoot

Let me tell you about this time that I spent capturing a fairy-tale elopement amidst Ice Castles recently. In the heart of winter, right when everything’s covered in this cozy blanket of snow and ice, something absolutely magical unfolded! Mary and Justin, agreed to have a styled wedding shoot at the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva. And as someone who’s all about capturing those intimate, love-filled moments, this was like stepping right into a storybook.

The Ice Castles? Simply out of this world! Imagine these towering formations of ice, all hand-crafted, sparkling under the winter sun like a million diamonds. It was like we all just walked into a fairytale! With every ice sculpture and twinkling light whispering tales of enchantment.

Now, Mary, our bride for the day, was nothing short of a fairytale princess herself. She wore this stunning gown that seemed to flow like ice, in the most beautiful shades of white and blue. It was so spot on, the kids around thought she was Elsa from Frozen, getting ready to tie the knot! And Justin, right there by her side, looked every bit the part of a prince, making this whole setup even more dreamlike.

Wandering through those ice castles, with Mary and Justin’s laughter ringing in the air, was like watching a love story unfold in the most enchanting setting possible. It wasn’t just about the stunning visuals, though they were breathtaking. It was about capturing that incredible connection between these two, their love literally warming up the icy air around us.

This whole shoot was more than just showing off some gorgeous outfits or a cool location. It was about telling a story – a story of love, adventure, and the kind of magic that happens when you say “I do” in a place straight out of a dream. For me, it was all about bottling up the essence of that day – the joy, the wonder, and the surreal beauty of celebrating love in a winter wonderland.

If you’re out there dreaming of an intimate elopement or a small, offbeat wedding, take it from Mary and Justin’s day at the Ice Castles! The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. It’s all about turning your special day into an epic adventure, one that truly reflects your own love story. And this is exactly what this fairy-tale elopement amidst ice castles was!

As the day wrapped up, and the sun dipped low, it was clear – even the coldest places can be filled with warmth and beauty, especially when love is in the air. So, if a winter wonderland wedding or a unique elopement is what you’re after, let this be your inspiration. Because in a world where fairytales are real, your love story deserves the most magical start.

Planning your big day! Get in touch with me, I’d love to capture your beautiful day and assist with planning it!

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